At the Ionian Lyre Guesthouses, our goal is to make your staying as close to your expectations as possible. You can find below the list of our providing services. The service list is an ongoing project, that will continue to grow to benefit our visitor’s custom requests. For your convenience, upon request, someone will pick you up from the town of Lefkada to reach the Guesthouses.


You can arrange a private tour of the Saint Mavra Castle, one of the most impressive medieval buildings in Greece. It was built around 1300 by the Lombard lord Ioanni Orsini when he got the island of Lefkada as a wedding gift after his marriage with the daughter of the ruler of the Despotate of Epirus Nikiphoros I. Mark, who will be your tour guide, created a documentary about this castle and will be glad to share his knowledge and passion about this impressive Castle. Watch the documentary here.

Traditional food

Breakfast, lunch or dinner meals can be provided throughout your stay, upon request, at reasonable prices. You can discover the local cuisine and taste the most famous Greek dishes, cooked with high-quality products. The Greek and Lefkada’s cuisine is dominated by local products like fish, meat, virgin olive oil, vegetables and cheese that will surprise you for their quality and taste.


You can ask us for information regarding daily cruises from Vasiliki or Nidri. You can explore the nearby islands or reach the famous beaches around Lefkada by boat.

Rent a car

The public bus stop is located about 200 m away from the house. For better convenience a private or a rental car/motorcycle is recommended. You can park your vehicle in an alley about 60 meters away from the house. Ask us for more information regarding rental vehicles.