Arc Guesthouse

The maximum number of guests that can stay in the house is 8 people (8 adults -or a family up to 8 members). The property is set in two levels. Upon request, you can choose to rent only the first floor.

The first floor has 3 bedrooms. The master bedroom has a double bed for couples and a closet/storage room. There are also two bedrooms with single beds for kids or adults and a small living room. The bathroom has double washstands and a mid sized tub. At the balcony (veranda) you can enjoy the great view of the Sfakiotes plateau and the nearby mountainous village of Kavalos.

The attic consists of 2 bedrooms with double beds. Each bedroom has its own bathroom equipped with a washstand and a shower.

The house has also an ornamental garden with a barbecue and an outdoor, fully equipped cooking space.

All the house’s windows are fitted with mosquito blinds. Hot water is available 24/7. Electric fans are provided. There is also free Wi-Fi accessible from every spot in the house and outside of it.




Washing machine